May 27, 2010

Where to begin...?

I have thought long and hard about where to start the story of my life... Most people would say, "Well, duh, Abby. Start at the beginning." But, if I'm being truly honest, my life was quite boring in my earlier years. It wasn't until recently that I realized my life is a made-for-tv-drama, or in some cases, a comedy... I haven't quite decided yet. I guess I'll just let you read on and decide for yourselves.

I feel like, ever since I graduated high school, craziness and irony have followed me around. Wether it be tales involving my drunkard neighbors, my ridiculous family or horribly embarrassing personal accounts (which I cannot wait to share), I am constantly saying to myself, "There's no way these things happen to other people!" And maybe I'm wrong... maybe other peoples lives are as ridiculous as mine! If so, I would love to hear your crazy stories, too.

But for now, I will entertain you with tales of my own life. But fair warning: It's going to be ridiculous. It's going to be out of control. It's going to be outrageous. It's the story of my life... It's the Story of Abby.

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