September 29, 2010

Smoking Like a Chimney

Story of my life…

It's been a long time since I have blogged about anything, I know. But trust me it's not for lack of ridiculousness in my life. Here's an example…

A couple of weeks ago I went back home to visit my parents. It was right after my birthday and I hadn't been home since I moved in June so I figured it was about that time. Plus, my car had been acting up and my dad was going to have a look at it. And seeing as how I don't have any mechanic type guy friends here yet it's nice that dad will still take care of that stuff for me. 

So, I got off work at midnight and headed for home, praying nothing would happen while I was taking the two hour drive through nothingness. And contrary to how my life normally goes, I made it there with no problems at all. My car drove like it was actually made in the last decade instead of in the Stone Age. In fact, it drove great all weekend long.  My dad looked it over on Sunday and couldn't find anything wonky with it so I drove it back to Tulsa with no worries. 

Great drive home as well. Nothing out of the ordinary. Drove it to work Monday at 4pm. Drove perfectly.  I even got a $7 tip at work that night and thought to myself, "this is a good night!" Then I got off work at midnight and and here's where it gets exciting. 

I'm driving on the BA Expressway getting ready to exit onto another highway that takes me close to home. Well I'm an idiot and missed my exit so I had to take the next exit down a very middle-of-the-night-abandoned street. 

As I'm exiting the off ramp and turning onto this street my car makes this loud "pop!" and I see the temperature gauge go from "looking good" in the blue to "mayday!" in the red. I mean it just zooms right over. Awesome, right?  Well it gets even better. 

So, I'm trying to find somewhere on this terrifying deserted road to pull over but I can't because my car decided it wasn't finished ruining my night. Not only is it going to overheat but now it's gonna start smoking like a chimney! Yeah, smoke everywhere! I couldn't even see where I was driving! I finally got over into this small parking lot and I grabbed my phone, turned the car off and bailed. I thought the whole thing was gonna blow!

So, there I am. 12:45am. Side of the deserted road. Car smoking and leaking what I can only assume to be gasoline that will soon catch fire and burn me alive. Ugh. I only have two GOOD friends in Tulsa and one of them was starting a new job the next morning. Oh, and he's narcoleptic. Perfect, huh?  

So, that leaves Angel. Poor, sweet, has-to-be-up-at-5am Angel. I felt so bad but I didn't have anyone else to call!  So, I sat there and waited for Angel to rescue me and take me home. She did. I gave her my $7 tip :0/ 

The next day I called the business where my car was parked and got ahold of them just as they were calling someone to tow it off. Whew! My parents ended up coming to town that day to help me take care if things because I still had to work and stuff. So they carted me around for the next 48 hours. 

Wednesday morning my dad took it into a repair shop and they got it all fixed up. So we went to pick it up but on the way we stopped at my job to pick up my paycheck. It was my first paycheck at my new job and I was pumped even though it wasnt even a full two weeks pay. I didn't care. It was money and I was ready to spend it. I ripped open the envelope and stared at my $325 check, thinking of all the things I could do with that money!  

As I was daydreaming, we pulled into the repair shop. I go in with my dad and we talk to the lady about everything that's wrong with my car and how were all surprised it still runs at all. Then I get the bill…


That's the story of my life. That's the Story of Abby. 

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  1. ABBY! that is no bueno, kinda makes me sad :-(

    but I'm glad you at least had someone to rescue you in the middle of the night and you are alive to tell the story so keep telling more of them, i miss your stories!